Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GA/FL Part 1

Ideally, this is where I'd link to my posts from this same trip we took last year. However, as most of you probably know, our website is still down so I can't access my old blog archives right now. Aggravating, to say the least.

As I mentioned in my overview post, we left KY on December 14. This year's driving went much better than last year...last year we left a day early in order to escape an ice storm that was on its way. We ended up getting stuck in North Georgia in the same storm we left Kentucky to escape. We sat (as in, in park, not moving at all) on I-75 for 5 hours, I believe (after we slid into the median once.) Our trip that normally takes 7.5 hours ended up taking something like 15 or so, if I remember correctly. Even when we were able to drive, we had to go so slow, because of all the ice. But what am I doing...this is a blog about this year's trip!

The weather was nice for driving. There. I didn't even take any pictures, it was so uneventful.

The next day, December 15, we headed to Florida. This year we got there a day earlier and stayed a day later than we have in previous years. It's usually pretty tough to fit seeing everyone in when we're there, so we stayed a little longer this year. I did take a few pictures of the driving that day. Very silly ones.

The boys watched movies: (they had to rig up a sports coat to keep the sun didn't work.)

Mom dozed. And then wondered why her neck hurt.

Dad drove.

And I took very silly pictures of myself and texted. It's not an easy thing to do, the taking pictures part, obviously. The only thing harder was taking a picture of myself on my cell phone to send my guy. I tried that the whole two weeks we were gone and never did get good results. I need a better cell phone if I'm to be texting pictures. Mine makes my hair look purple...I think he was slightly concerned when he received a picture that looked like I had purple hair. :D (He sent me an awesome picture of himself halfway through our trip and made me miss him even more.) But, geez...I'm still on day 2 here!!!

As I was saying, an awful picture, posted only because I got everyone else too.

Yeah. yuck.

It's a thing with us...we have to listen to Christmas music on this trip. We usually scan the radio the whole time, but that gets old. And we don't even really DO Christmas songs, as we don't DO Christmas. But....we do DO Christmas music on this trip. It's just...right. So, I bought a CD at a Starbucks somewhere in northern Florida.

It was good. :) The guys are NO fun whatsoever...they would only let us play it twice in a row. I guess they got sick of singing Feliz Navidad. Party poopers.

At a gas station, also in northern Florida...a chicken??? A dog, a cat, maybe...but a chicken???

Ok, that was day 2. Let's see....Day 3....we spent Friday with my grandma.

These birds hang out in the neighborhoods around St. Pete. Weird, I think.

We drove to Madeira Beach.

We went to John's Pass...

We ate at Sculley's...

And then we walked and I took a ton of miscellaneous pictures...

I got a kick out of this one...

We walked down under the bridge, and then down the beach a little...

Lots of this... ;)

People in Florida have odd pets, if you ask me...

I had lots of fun with shadows...


I think a puzzle made out of this picture would be..interesting.

Then we walked back...

Then we had coffee. :) A very good coffee, at that.

That's enough for now...covering 3 days at a time is going to be pretty slow! I didn't get so many pictures every other day, I don't think!


  1. Your pictures are great!

  2. I think that is a cute picture you took of yourself in the truck.