Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who's Graceful?

Jacob came Friday, as I mentioned before. He got here around 4pm and the weather was so great, we got to go on a walk. It was in the 50s, I guess...certainly not expected for the first week of January! It was dry enough to walk on our property, which is nicer than walking on the road, I think. We walked down our creek for a little ways, and on the way back, I shattered every idea of being graceful at all. You know, it's the one time I'd really love to be able to be at least perceived as graceful...well, I guess real life steps in and helps out just when we need it most. Our creek is pretty low right now and there's not much of a bank sometimes, so we had to walk right on the edge of the rocks on the side of the creek at times. Those rocks can be a little slick...

So, yeah...I slipped. I fell. My feet just shot out from under me and I landed right square on my rear, mud and water and boyfriend all around. I just thought running into the Walmart door while teenage guys were watching was embarrassing. Nope. That was nothing. Jacob had been walking in front of me so he came back asking if I was ok...physically, pride was pretty injured though! Oh stinkin' well.

I made Chicken Nachos and that new dessert I was talking about. Nobody really liked the dessert, but Jacob asked for a second piece...I think he was just trying to make me feel better after everyone else said they didn't like it! ;) We didn't really do anything...just sat around and talked, which was nice. Actually, I didn't even talk all that much...the rest of my family kinda took over, which happens. ;) I still have a cold and I just wasn't my usual self...not like my usual self talks that much anyway, but...

Dave did get some pictures but they sorta turned out blurry. We need to use my camera instead of Mom and Dad's because their flash is broken and it seems like we can't get really good pictures with it. I want to get more random pictures...these were supposed to be random but Jake and I knew what Dave was doing so it made it really hard to act natural. This is pretty natural though, I guess...we just laugh a lot together. :) (Dave was behind Mom in the first picture...) We were just hanging out talking to Mom and Dad in the kitchen here.

This is the dessert I made...Espresso Cheesecake Brownie. Nobody liked the sour cream mix on top...

I took this one, and I think it's adorable and cute and all that. ;) :) :D I like this. (Not just the picture..he he!)

Just having fun and eating dessert...with my eyes closed. Sigh.

Jacob got a full-time job at a sawmill pretty close to our house, so he'll be dropping by during the week sometime, as well as our Saturday visit. :D Jake and I already talked about Wednesday being the middle of the week and all, so we settled on that, at least for this week. (It'll depend on what we're doing during the week.) Today I was talking meal plans with Mom, and I mentioned what I was planning for Wednesday since Jacob was coming. Mom said "why is he waiting til Wednesday to come?" I said "um...well, it's the middle of the week..." She said "he could come like Monday or Tuesday, then Thursday...and Saturday!"

I think they like Jacob, too. What do you think?

For now, he'll be here Wednesday and Saturday this week. :)

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