Friday, June 8, 2012

Reality vs Vanity

So, one day a couple weeks ago, my favorite guy was coming to see me, like as his habit to do. :)

The end.


Anyway, as I was saying, Jacob was coming over after work, which means he doesn't get to my house until supper time. That always leaves me time to get cleaned up and presentable. My idea of presentable, anyway. Which means I shower, fix my hair (dry and curl it and really fix it nice) put on a little makeup, change four or five, really I don't change that much. Just two or three...

A little background would be helpful here...I didn't grow up wearing makeup at all. My mom quit wearing makeup before I remember and hasn't worn any since. When I was 19, I bought some mascara and started playing around with it. Now, I just use mascara and some Bare Minerals powder stuff. That's foundation stuff or anything like that. Oh, but I do have a blemish stick thingy that I use on spots I want to cover up. Anyway, my point here is that I never use very much makeup at all. With the exception of the mascara (and only because it's black and I'm a brown kind of girl) I don't think you can really even tell I wear anything. And I don't even wear a lot of mascara...

I don't leave the house without at least curling my hair under. It's layered right now, and it's been that way for a while. I think it looks funny if I don't curl it under. My hair is extremely straight (so much so that when I wore my hair in it's most natural state to J's family's this week, the girls said "did you straighten your hair?!" Nope, just didn't curl it!) and flat, so even when my curl doesn't stay (it never does) it just sort of softens the ends and provides the teeniest bit of volume.

I also don't leave the house without at least a little jewelry. I'm not one to wear three bracelets on one arm or anything (but that's fine if you do...don't want to get in trouble here!) but I always wear earrings, a watch, my ring ( that I bought, worn on my right hand, lest anyone be thinking I've kept anything back recently ;) ) and a necklace (either my black pearl one that I love or the one Jacob got me for Valentine's depends on what I'm wearing.)

Basically, I try for classy, yet not overdone. No excessive makeup, not a ton of jewelry...just a well put-together, classy I'm conscious of how I look, and have put thought into it, without stressing about it or drawing a lot of attention by over-accessorizing or over-dressing. I'm not sure how else to explain I making any sense whatsoever???

So, back to my story: said fella was coming to see me one evening. I decided not to go through my normal routine of preparation. (I guess I figured sooner of later he'd find out what I looked like with super straight hair anyway..and that he'd find out maybe I do have blemishes sometimes!!!) I showered and dried my hair. And that was it (after getting dressed anyway...haha!) My hair was flat and super-duper straight. I wore no makeup. No jewelry....not even my earrings. I wasn't feeling very pretty, and I think maybe I have developed a skewed idea of pretty.

Because my man told me when he left that he loved my hair like that and I looked good. :)

I think guys just might have different ideas of pretty than women do. I think women try too hard!

So, here's to being basic...the most natural and unadorned that we can be. Pretty without faking it or trying too hard. Just smile and be happy and have a good time with your man and he'll think you're the most beautiful girl he's ever met.

Ask me how I know. ;)


  1. Oh, it's just what I hear... ;)

  2. I have never used makeup - don't think there is much I can do to improve on how God made me (no criticism to others here) and only wear my engagement and wedding ring, and my hubby loves it like that! I don't even have my ears pierced - hubby happy about that too! I guess we are all different, and you do firstly what you think it the right thing to do, and then when you meet someone, you just change yourself to what pleases them - because that makes both of you feel good!
    Proud of you for going natural - you didn't include a picture for me to have an opinion, but I am sure you look just great!

  3. Totally enjoyed your story! It reminded me of a Sunday early in our courtship where my hair just didn't do what it should. I ended up just putting it up and I just felt sooooo ugly that Sunday.

    After church Patrick comes up to me and tells for the first time "You look beautiful today!"

    Hahahaha- so ironic but definitely a day I will never forget.♥ ☺