Saturday, June 23, 2012


Maybe this makes me strange (quit laughing) but I love lard. Yes, like pig fat. That lard.

A while back I bought 60 pounds of pig fat from a local butcher and rendered it, but I ran out of that lard a long time ago. I don't even remember how much I made or long it lasted, but I do remember that I thought it was sufficiently preserved...and it wasn't. So over half of it went bad on me. I won't be making that mistake again!

Thursday we went to the butcher again. I bought 22 pounds of fat for $20. I brought it home, cut it up...

 Ground it up and put it in the roaster...

And there it is! $20 for 2.5 gallons of rendered lard. I don't know what it costs in the store, but that stuff is hydrogenated, which means it'll stick to your arteries like a ti...oh, nevermind. It'll just hang out there for a while. Hydrogenated fat isn't good.

So now I have 2.5 gallons of good lard and I'm very happy. :) Oh, the jar in front is only half full because I already used that much. :)

In other much else exciting has happened. I got to stop and see the progress on the house Thursday and it's looking great! My guy is working so hard! Nearly all the drywall is completed now, and next will be kitchen cabinets and then painting, I think. The top cabinets are fine, so we're just going to sand them down a bit and restain them when we get new cabinets for the bottom. :) It's exciting! Jacob's really doing a great job and is working himself into the ground getting this house fixed up for us. :) That makes a girl smile, seeing her man doing that for her. It's much more satisfying knowing that you're being taken care of, than trying to take care of everything yourself! Guys need that's ingrained, for guys to take care of their girls and for girls to like being taken care of! No amount of feminizing going on in this world can change that extremely natural fact!!! It's amazing and wonderful!

Today we were at the Goodwill store (I think I have a clothing problem...) and Jacob's mom and sisters came in. We got to the skirts before they did though. Mwahahaha. Actually, it worked out very well because before they came in, I had just seen a skirt and I told Mama "that looks like Moriah!" (sister) So, in they walk, and they tried the skirt on and liked it...I think they bought it. It's funny...I've never had sisters...and I kinda do now! It's awfully awesome. So, we spent a little while critiquing choices in the dressing rooms and having tons of fun. :D 

Jacob also fixed the air in my car for me Thursday. It's been alternating between blowing out the vents, the floorboard, and the defrost. Weird. So, there was this hose that was supposed to be plugged in somewhere and it was just laying there, so he fixed it up for me. :) And he washed my car off for me too. And we went on a bike ride while the sun set. :) Life is totally wonderful!

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