Monday, June 25, 2012

Ketchup, Anyone?

Last Thursday morning, Mom and I were out running errands around town. I don't remember what all we had to office, bank, Walmart, etc. We were in Walmart and Dave called me and said they needed us to pick up some concrete. It was already past lunch time by then, and I was in danger of perishing from hunger, so I did the unthinkable and went through the Burger King Drive thru. I don't "do" fast food drive-thru.

But I did. so I guess I do.

Anyway, I got the burger, and then drove to the building supply place. There's no big store here in our's just a small local building supply place. I sat in the car with my hamburger and Mom went in to ask the guys about getting some concrete. She took her phone with her, in case she needed to ask the guys anything.

As I sat there eating my hamburger, I desperately needed some ketchup. Burger King hadn't put any in my bag, and I just have to have ketchup on a hamburger. Especially a fast food one. So, I did the logical thing. I text Mama and told her to see if they had any ketchup at the building supply place. 
Well, little did I know (I wasn't paying attention and looking) Mom and the guy that works there were both standing outside of the building, in full view of me eating my burger, and when Mom's phone went off, she told the guy that it would be her son, telling her what kind of concrete to get. So, she opened up the text and saw my message instead...and the guy was just standing there waiting to hear what the guys said about the concrete. So, instead, Mom said "'s actually my daughter who just got a hamburger at Burger King and she wants to know if y'all have any ketchup." At which point they both bust out laughing and look over at me, sitting in the car eating my ketchup-less burger. And that's about when I realized they were looking at me...and me...because of my text.

One day I might just have to grow up and act normal, don't you think?

The guy actually said he thought they had some inside, but when he looked, they were out. He said they'd buy some more, just in case this ever happened again.

I mean, you never know when someone will need ketchup at the building supply place. If you're in the area and need some, I'd suggest asking at Coomer's. ;)

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  1. That was really funny! ☺ Brightened my morning.