Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This morning, Rylie hepled me make omelets.

Guardian of the Salt and Pepper.

I told her to smile. Silly girl!

We sat out on the porch for a little while this afternoon.

Titus was cutting with the tractor...

Miss Grumpy Gills

Cutey Pie

She talks up a storm now. Won't be quiet, actually. She follows me around doing everything. When I go to the kitchen, she says "washing dishes?" When I open the dishwasher, she says "want help me?" Guess she hasn't figured out yet that she's the one helping me...lol! She learned how to load the silverware holder with dirty silverware by watching me...she puts everything in just like I do.  She knows where the clean silverware goes, she dries and puts them up. The other utensils that don't go in the silverware drawer...well, she knows those, too.

In the morning when I go into the kitchen with my coffee cup, she says "making coffee?" I grab the cream out of the fridge, and she says "got cream?" When I cook, she says "up here?" and points to the counter. She always asks "salt? pepper?" When I do laundry, she puts the clothes in the dryer, and "folds" them. She's seen me shake the wrinkles out of dried clothes, so she shakes everything out and then hands it to me.

When I go into the bathroom and shut the door, she stands outside and says "coming out?" When I open the door, she gasps and laughs like she thought I'd never come out. I open the bathroom cabinet and she says "brushing teeth?" She wants to be in my lap every time I sit down. "Up here?" she says. If I'm busy and say no, she smiles and comes back with "puwheeeese?" How do you turn that down? When she walks to a different room to get a toy, she says "I be back...going get a toy!" and when she gets back, she announces it with "I'm back!"

When I rock her to sleep and she's just about to fall asleep, she hands me her bottle and says "take this." I tell her I'll go lay her down now, and she snuggles up and says "ok."

I was holding her and I told her "I like you!" She says "I like me!" I said, "say 'I like you too!'" She said "I like me!" So I said "I like you!" She says..."thank you?" :)

She insanely adorable. I need one.

Even if she did throw up everywhere today. :(

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