Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lattice-Topped Pie Crust

Ok, so remember how I said I'd take pictures while I made the lattice on top of my apple pie Saturday? Wouldn't you know I made the ugliest pie ever??? was AWFUL! I'm blaming it on using all store-bought whole wheat flour. Even Sally Fallon uses a bit of white flour in pie crusts, so maybe I'll have to try that next time. I'd never made a crust with store-bought flour (always ground it myself before) so I guess it's just different. Oh, pie still tasted pretty good, even if it was ugly. And, as my friend said, that's all that matters. He's so sweet.


Oh, yeah...pie crust.

Sooo...I rolled out the top half of the dough and cut little strips. I used a ruler and a pizza cutter because I never can cut anything straight.

My pie...

I start with one strip over the top, followed by another in the opposite direction...

Then I fold one back (and break the darn thing off) and place another beneath it...

And replace the broken folded one...

Then I fold the same one back, in the opposite direction...

Place another strip there and replace the folded one...

I usually try to keep everything even, so I started on the sides next. Basically, all you do is fold every other strip back, place another strip down, and replace the folded ones.

Just do the same thing over and over until the pie is done! I didn't get any more in-action pictures...I figured it would be good just to show y'all the basics of how it's done. I made little ropes of dough, pressed them on the edge, and crimped them a little, trying to make it pretty.

It didn't work.

I also forgot to get any pictures after I put the sauce on and after I baked it. It made a mess.

Saturday we ate and then all went to a revival meeting over an hour away. Mom wanted us all to coordinate so we all planned on khaki and blues. Some of the boys wore khaki pants and blue shirts and some swapped it up. My friend (he does have a's all coming soon enough!) called me earlier in the day to see what we were wearing and dressed to match. So he and I matched...and I completely forgot to take the pictures I was planning on taking. :(

After church that night we came back here to the house for pie and ice cream. My friend had my camera and he caught me. Maybe one day I'll remember to stand up straight.

I'm just waiting to get some pictures...maybe I'll remember to get them Saturday. :) I like Saturday.

Stay tuned. :)

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  1. You can rightfully blame it on the store bought whole wheat flour. That stuff is awful. It is so much heavier and darker than fresh milled whole wheat. I can tell by the picture it is store bought flour. All that being said, it didn’t look so bad.