Monday, August 8, 2016

Yard Saling

We live really close to the 127 yard sale they have annually (I think they say it's the longest yard sale in the country or something?) so we usually stop at a few of the bigger ones when it's going on. It was this past weekend so we decided to go yard saling (is that the correct usage of the word? Lol) Saturday when Jacob was home. We ended up leaving around 11am or so and stayed gone all day long. It was SO HOT! I love to yard sale but between the heat (it was like 90*) and getting everyone in and out of the car, I was pretty yard saled out by the time we were done...and we only stopped at maybe four of the bigger ones. (Bigger ones being defined as fields set up with a million or so different sales.) I carried Oliver in my Ergo and we put Chloe in a stroller. Before we stopped at any sales, we went to the store and stocked our cooler with ice, waters, and gatorades. Jacob bought a retractable dog leash for Aaron. I always talked about people who did that, because they couldn't control their kids and make them walk beside them. Well...whatever. Lol! We were in and out of the car all day long, pulled off of the highway no less, and once we looped the leash around Aaron's belt loops, he could walk by us without having to hold our hands and yet wouldn't wander too far off. And no one would steal him, which would be a plus. Honestly, what three year wouldn't want to go to all the toys at multiple yard sales?! I had to eat yet more parenting advice from my younger self, listen to my smart hubby, and everything worked out wonderfully. 

I actually spent $3 at yard sales. 🙄 There was tons of stuff but I really couldn't (and just plain didn't want to) go through the piles of stuff. I bought Chloe a toy and bought a soap dispenser for my bathroom. Big spender. 

We started in Russell Springs and drove all the way to Danville, where we hit Walmart and Hobby Lobby as well. Now that, I love it! That's where I spent my money. I bought a clock...

A wind chime...

And a little stand for my kitchen. I had been looking for a glass cake plate for this purpose but I think I like this better. And I couldn't find a plate like I was looking for. 

We recently replaced some windows so that's why my windowsill isn't finished. It'll be done soon. We're slowly replacing windows and siding on our house. It's looking good so far! I'll have to get an updated picture sometime soon when we get it done. 

Kids are all napping and I've got to find some lunch so I'll talk to y'all later! 

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  1. So glad you've found the time to blog more! :) Love the stuff you bought, Hobby Lobby is my favorite.
    Miss you!