Monday, August 15, 2016

Cleaning Schedule!

Soooo, what kind of cleaning schedule works for you? I can't figure this one out. I keep going from doing one thing every day, to just doing what needs to be done as I see it, then back again. Right now, it's cleaning one thing every day. 

I just don't like laundry. And that's sort of a bad thing because we have a lot of it. I *really* procrastinate when it comes to folding and putting it up, so I'm trying out a new method. I used to just do ALL the laundry one or two days a week and that left me with like five loads, and inevitably one (or more) would end up sitting in a basket unfolded for an undetermined period of time. I'd have stacks of clothes sitting on dressers (seriously, how long would it take to actually put it up??? It's a few inches away!) So, there's my housekeeping secret...I don't care for laundry. Anyway, the new "method" I'm trying...I'm shooting for doing a load COMPLETELY Monday through Friday. Sometime two, depending on what needs to be done. For instance, I wash sheets every Monday, and I've been doing another load as well, just because it gets backed up over the weekend and needs doing. I'm working hard at getting it folded and put up...I don't do it all the time yet but I'm getting there. Silly, the things we put off. It's a ten minute chore, folding and putting up a load of clothes! I've been folding on the kitchen table, so that it has to be moved to eat. I used to fold on our bed, but it would get left there until bedtime, and the kids would be asleep so I couldn't put it in their room and we'd be tired so stacks would just get moved somewhere else. 

As of right now, in addition to a load of clothes every day, I have another thing to clean every day. Currently, Monday is floors (vacuuming the rug, sweeping, and maaaaybe mopping,) Tuesday is bathroom, Wednesday is dusting and straightening surfaces, Thursday is floors again, and Friday I clean out the van. I try (ha) to make up whatever day I go to town, because that's never the same and I don't always get my cleaning done before we go to town. And after we get home...ha! 

This past week was the first week I didn't clean the van since we've gotten it, and I'm pretty proud of that. (Not that I didn't clean it, but that I've only missed once. Jacob worked on some construction stuff Friday and was using the extension cord all day, so I couldn't plug up the shop vac.) I used to only clean cars out when you couldn't get in them, or when you were greeted by an avalanche when you opened the door. However, I've made it a point to always keep an empty grocery bag (actually a few in the glovebox) in the van and I fill it up with trash as it accumulates. (Even little stuff...unwrap a piece of gum and the wrapper goes in the bag.) Every time we get out of the van, I make sure Aaron doesn't have any trash in the back seat...he brings it all to me to put in the trash bag. Toys do build up but they all come in on Fridays, as does the trash bag. So, on Fridays, I get everything out of the van that doesn't belong (a packed diaper bag, my Ergo baby carrier, and sunglasses are the only things that stay in the van. Oh, and a small cooler, a couple folding chairs,and the stroller stay in the back/trunk) I wipe the dash/steering wheel/radio down and wipe the windows down, and I vacuum. Sometimes I'll wash the outside but not always. I use Armor All stuff on the dash every other week or so. I don't think that the van *has* to be dirty just because we have kids. I'm trying to teach Aaron to clean up after ourselves as we go, and he's done really great, even trying to get me to take trash from him as we drive. We do eat in the van occasionally but again, all trash gets cleaned up immediately, and little food bits that may have been dropped get vacuumed up no more than a few days later. (If I see Aaron has dropped noticeable pieces of food, I throw them out when I get the kids out) My van has stayed cleaner than ever and it only takes 15-20 minutes (if I don't wash the outside) once a week! Jacob even opened the door the other day and said something about the van sure was staying pretty clean. It never gets bad if you do it every week. Right now we still don't go a lot (grocery once a week or so) so it would probably be worse if we went more. 

I'm still a work in progress with efficient housekeeping. And I keep finding that it changes as schedules change. So, what worked for me a few month ago isn't necessarily the best method for me anymore. I guess it's neither here nor there, so long as everything stays clean and picked up. ;) 

Aaron helps me clean up and he really loves drying and putting dishes up. 

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