Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Day

I planned all week to go to town yesterday. I spent a couple days working on my Kroger list, organizing coupons, matching coupons with sales, adding details to my list...such as how much my coupon was for, how many of which items I needed to get the special pricing, etc. Yesterday morning, Oliver woke up at 6 so I laid in bed and fed him but it was pretty apparent he wasn't going back to sleep, so we got up at 6:30. I ended up being all ready to go before the other kids woke up and I was jut going to have to feed them and get them cleaned up and out the door. I'd be out of the house before 10am and we'd be able to get our shopping done before having lunch with Jacob in town, and we'd be home in time for naps. Soooo very perfect. Ahem. 

Chloe woke up crying, which was weird, because she's typically pretty happy when she first wakes up. We weren't five bites into breakfast when she gave everything back she just ate. I thought maybe she'd drank her smoothie too fast so I tried a couple more bites. Bad idea, stupid. I sat and rocked her for a while and after she got sick yet again it was pretty obvious I shouldn't be taking this kid to town today. Sigh. So much for my picture perfect morning. She ended up sleeping pretty much all day and was herself by evening. 

So, this morning, things didn't come along quite as well as yesterday, but it was fine and we were out the door by 10:30. There were Kroger coupons...nearly all for things that were on my my mailbox. Go figure. We were in town by 11 and I had time to go to Goodwill (where I found two skirts and a pair of project's all fun and games til you have to try stuff on wearing an Ergo) and Joanns before lunch. Met Jacob for lunch and we had our hour together and took him back to work. We drive to Kroger and as soon as I parked, it started POURING. We sat there for a few minutes and it did stop, for which I was so very thankful. It's quite the process getting everyone out of the car and I didn't want to get soaked. Anyway, I got all my new coupons added to the ones I already had and we were off. 

Most of my Kroger trips turn out just fine. This one...well, it was less fine. The buggy was wet and Aaron's really too big anyway, so he walked beside me. And we are so not prepared for that...experience. He touches everything. He's not bad, as in he doesn't throw fits and scream (knock on wood) but he's so very inquisitive and energetic...and I'm over here pushing the buggy with Ollie strapped in his carrier on me with my paper list and pen and my phone so I can check my digital coupons and my paper coupons. 😳 Aaron is really a big help, but he is challenging at the same time. I tell him I'll give him a treat when we get to the car if he behaves. Somehow today, between poking a random stranger's derrière...(SERIOUSLY.) and trying to steal a thing of tic tacs in line (I really didn't expect to see a mouthful of orange tic tacs when I checked on him. I asked where they came from and he pulled the container out of his pocket) he forfeited his treat. 

So, random stranger, I am so very sorry my three year old poked your rear. To the very kind lady who stayed after paying for her groceries to help me unload my cart, thank you so much. 

I did see someone who used to know my mom. I smiled at her and she looked confused for a minute and then said "oh, I know you. I just saw a busy mom and I didn't recognize you." I guess that's about it...I'm not who I used to be. I AM the busy mom instead. 

Aaron never. Ever. Stops talking. Ever. I'm a pretty quiet person. I like quiet. Aaron talked non-stop the whole way home. 

What buddy? 
"Mama did you bring new underwear?" 
Did you wet your underwear? 
"No. Did you bring new underwear?" 
Do you need to go potty? 
"No I already went potty" 
(At Joanns two hours ago) 
Do you need to go potty?
"I *already* went potty!" 
Fast forward to three minutes later...
"Mama I gotta go potty"
Thankfully we did make it home with dry clothes. 

He just went on and on, talking and talking and making random noises. I guess at some point I just zoned out and wasn't paying attention. We'd almost made it home (30 min later) when he says 
"Mama are you asleep?", buddy, I'm not asleep...I'm driving. 
"Mama! I thought you asleep." Laughing 
"I thought you asleep mama!" 
"Mama! I thought you asleep!" 
"I thought you asleep mama!" 

Now I'm going to pull out what remains of my hair. 😬

Not really...most of time I enjoy our trips to town. I figure they've got to learn and heck, for that matter, I've got to learn too. Today was trying but we got it done. And I'm exhausted and I have a headache. Lol

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  1. That was great!!! Sounds like life is fun at your house :) Least you can't get bored with that son of yours ;)