Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Best County Fair Ever

Well, it's that time again...county fair time! We actually didn't go last year, so it's been two years since our last fair visit. I think I always say this, but....the fair is a lot of fun...once a year.

No more than once a year. :)

Although, I think this was the best fair yet. And it wasn't because the rides were great, the food was any better, or really anything that actually had to do with the fair itself. We (my family and I) were standing there by the mule pull, and I turn around and see this drop dead handsome thing walking towards me.

Yeah. He's mine. Be jealous.
I don't sound scary or possessive or anything, do I? Oops.

Let's back up a bit. Mom took a few pictures of all of us looking like we were having a grand time at the mule pull. See?

Dave... (who got on a Greyhound again last week, bound for MS and then ND and then MT)
Dad and the other boys...
And me, being ever-so-photogenic...
Ok, so now we're up to speed.

After the mule pull we went to ride some rides on the way to the food concessions.

This happens to be the first picture taken of us since being engaged. :) Is that redneck? The first picture after the sealed deal being taken at the county fair...right after watching the mule pull? Right before watching the monster truck crush cars? Naaaah. He doesn't look so happy here (he didn't know Mom was taking the picture) but I still like it. I like my look of adoration. It's rather stuck there. :)

The boys rode this flying thing first...

Then me and the little boys (one of which is taller than me...) rode this spins and Dave can't handle spinning things, and neither can my fiance. ;) He was very mature and no fun at the fair. ;) I'm kidding...he's always fun...he just doesn't ride the scary stuff.
The boys and my honey slid...

The boys and I rode the Freak Out, which is pretty much the only big scary ride at our fair. And it's not that scary. Jacob thought it looked very unsafe. I think he was worried about my well-being. That, or really concerned about the mental stability of his girl and what he's gotten himself into. ;)

Then we all rode the ferris wheel. Mom handled it slightly better than the Dollywood ferris wheel. She didn't scream this time. Jacob handled it wasn't too bad. 

Titus got some cute pictures of this cute couple. I think I laugh too much.

They made me ride bumper cars. I didn't want to.

Dave and I rode this swing thingy that took you up really high and swung you around. Very thrilling. Also considered to be very unsafe by my significant other. "What if those chains break???" 

Then we ate supper and watched this monster truck drive over these cars. That was something else. While very entertaining, I'm glad my man doesn't have hobbies such as this. ;) Very redneckish. And unsafe. Much moreso than a swing. :)

After that, we walked around and rode more rides (actually just the same ones over again...cheesy fair!) and Jacob bought the two of us some cotton candy. I took advantage of the chance to practice an upcoming event. ;) He did it too...Dave just didn't capture the moment. :)
It was a great evening...doing stuff and spending time together is just wonderful. And that's that.

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