Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Behind!

Hey, y'all! I know I'm terribly behind in blogging, but I have had good reason. What am I saying...I always have good reason! Most of the time, I'm busy or I don't feel like I've done anything interesting enough to blog about! I'll give you a head's-up, too...I'll most likely be backing off blogging a bit anyway. It's time for me to back off so much personal detail...don't worry...nothing's wrong! So, look for more recipes, reposting of archived posts from my old blog, and perhaps the occasional personal update. You can email me if you need to know something and I'll be pretty good...maybe...about getting back to you! Better yet, come see me! Or you could always call me...holler if you need my number.

For now, I'll try to catch everyone up on the past couple weeks. Bear on the Square was a couple weekends ago now. We had a good time there, as usual, and Mom and Dave did really well selling their stuff. I think they did better Saturday than they had all weekend, in previous years. This makes the fourth year we've set up there, I believe. Or maybe it's the, I think it's the fourth. Anyway...folks know we'll be there and they come buy stuff. That's the way it's supposed to work!

I got to hear my former fiddle teacher play fiddle, which is always a pleasure. We played together just a little (I'm horribly out of practice,) and he helped Titus along with some songs on the banjo. It was a lot of fun.

We got back home last Monday (after stopping by Amicalola Falls....I still have to edit and upload my pics) and were getting back in the swing of things, and we got a call Thursday that my great-grandmother had passed away. Mom and Dave were due to go to Louisville for a show Friday, and they would be gone until Monday. Well, our plans were all switched around, and Mom, Dad, Titus, and Philip headed to GA Friday morning, and Dave and I spent the weekend in Louisville. I would have liked to have been in GA, but Dave couldn't cancel this show, and someone needed to go with him. Mom couldn't miss going to GA, so that's how everything worked. I'm pretty tired of being gone on the weekends...that makes twice in a row. But we had a good time, and Dave sold a ton of stuff and did really well. So, I guess it all works out.

We went to visit my great-grandmother around Christmas, when we were in GA. She knew who both Mom and I were, which was unexpected. This is the last picture we took together....four generations. I'd always thought it would be neat for her to see my kids...

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