Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, it's Thursday, right? We don't usually have desserts throughout the week, not until Friday. We're considering staying up until midnight every Thursday night and start eating sweets at 12:01 Friday morning, but we haven't gotten that crazy yet. No promises, though.

Dad asked me a little while ago if I was making some kind of dessert tonight for a special someone who'll be coming to see me. Well, I told him we didn't usually have desserts during the week...remember? :) I told him I'd be making homemade ice cream (his favorite) probably tomorrow so he could have some then.

Please, dear readers, if you follow my example in this area...rinse the evidence of a chocolate cookie for that special someone out of the sink...before said father comes to wash his hands in the sink. ;)

See, cookies aren't exactly dessert! We never eat cookies for dessert! They're for coffee time! And Jacob mentioned a couple weeks ago that chocolate chip cookies were his favorite (so maybe them being Dad's favorite, and me making them twice a week for the past few years, wasn't just a random thing after all?) but that Chocolate Crinkles were really really good, too. Huh? Chocolate what? I'd never heard of them before, but lucky for me, Google had. So, that's what I whipped up this morning. Only, I left the mixer attachments unrinsed in the sink. And there was chocolate on them. Oops.

Dad says "did you make something chocolate for Jacob?"

Me: "ummmm....nice day out isn't it?!" 

So Dad made fun of me. Again. "Oh, I get it... 'you can't have any dessert til the weekend. Here, let me mix up something chocolate for Jacob'" says Dad.

By the way, my new favorite hobby is paying close attention to everything Jacob says, making mental notes on  all his preferences. :) It's fun.

A month or so ago, he'd been saying my desserts sure were rich. Dad likes chocolate and ice cream and doesn't like fruit desserts, so that's what I've gotten used to making over the years. I make rich desserts. After paying attention for a while, I learned that Jacob likes cobblers, especially blackberry. So one day I made a blackberry cobbler. He said it was good, and I smiled. Then a few weeks ago, I made a carrot cake. You can't imagine my supreme delight when he took one bite and said how good it was, and that he always loved carrot cake. Smile.

We spent a few days in Louisville last week, with my grandparents, and I got lots of pictures, so I'll try to post some of those soon.

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