Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me Again

I'm just posting tons of miscellaneous updates here, but I can't name all of my posts "miscellaneous update" now, can I?

Remember the coffee mug that my aunt got me for my birthday?

And for scale...pictured with my current coffee mug.

(That's our 36-cup coffee maker behind it.)

I went to Walmart today and printed out some pictures that were Jacob's favorites, pictures of us. A couple weeks ago, we were scrolling through pictures on my iPod and he told me he needed some pictures of us. So, his wish is my command. ;)

The Saturday I ran into Jacob at Walmart, many many weeks ago now, Mom and I had been yard-saling that morning. That was just a week or so after he's emailed me out of the blue (all this is in our story, of course!) and it was the first time I'd seen in around town in a year or so. That morning, I'd bought a picture frame at a yard sale. I'd told Mom she needed it, because I didn't really have a use for it at the time, but she didn't like it. So I went ahead and bought it, deciding just to put it up until it was time for me to be able to use it.

It's time. :)
 Dave hasn't been feeling well for the past day or so, and he laid down this afternoon. Rylie had wanted to take her nap on his bed this afternoon, so...

This morning, Dad needed some sawdust from the sawmill, so Dave was going to run get it for him. We get our sawdust from the sawmill Jacob works at, so I decided to tag along, just for Dave's company, you know. ;) Just like any normal girl would, I spent a little while this morning getting ready...put on a cute, cap-sleeve, white button-up shirt, with a very springy light skirt, one that hits me a few inches below my knee. It's been a little cooler lately, but still in the 60s in the afternoons. Well, I stepped outside to get in the truck this morning, and it was a little cooler than I'd expected! Got in the truck, and the thermometer said 44*. Wow. A little chilly, especially since I looked like I was going to the beach in July!!!

So, we got to the sawmill, and I walked over to where Jacob was working. Under a big pole-barn type set-up, and it was breezy. And it was COLD. Like, really chilly. Jacob walked over to where I was standing for a couple minutes and looked down at what I wearing....he had a crazy glint in his eye and said "kinda cold out today, ain't it?!" as he was bundled up in his t-shirt, button-up, AND sweatshirt with a hood! He had to go back to working, and I just stood around watching for a while, since we were waiting for the guys to load up our sawdust. A few minutes later, Jacob ran out to his car and brought me his big jacket to wear. :) Let's hear it....aaawwwwww. ;)

I've got to run, just thought I'd post a few things while I was thinking about it! Time for me to head out to Pellyton. :) I hope I'll get to stop in at the house today and maybe get some pictures, if I remember my camera!

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  1. That last lil' bit was rather funny...! I'm so happy for you!