Monday, December 12, 2011

Life Update

I'm still here. :)

You know, just in case you were wondering.

Let's see...last week was Titus' birthday. His birthday was actually last Sunday but we had him a little party (just us...we never do much for "parties") Monday evening. We got Pizza Hut pizza and the ugliest ice cream cake any of use have ever seen. was definitely memorable. I'm sure, when Titus is 38 (which would make me...yikes...47?) and we all get together at a family reunion, we'll still be laughing about the hideous cake we got him when he turned 13. Good memories there.

So, anyway, Titus turned 13. He got a bunch of different stuff for his birthday, including, but not limited to, a big knife (and Philip now thinks he should automatically get one just as big,) a beginner leatherwork kit from Tandy, a big book on handguns (which Jacob also finds very interesting...note to self for future gifty occasions) lathe tools, and some ammo.

Mom had jury duty here in town Monday through Thursday of last week. She was on a murder trial and was quite stressed out about all of it. She was supposed to leave Thursday morning, with Dad and Dave, to go to North Carolina, and the judge told her Monday that they would be done with the trial in time. Well, Wednesday rolled around and they weren't going to be done, so they told her she couldn't leave then. Dad and Dave left Thursday morning, which was the last trial day, and Mom didn't get home until nearly 11pm. She had been getting home every day around 5 or 6pm, but the jury had gone into deliberation Thursday afternoon so they couldn't leave until they were done. I was still up when she got home and she and I stayed up until 1am talking about the trial stuff. It had been killing her not to able to talk about everything she'd been doing that week. Friday, we didn't do much...just hung around the house and stayed in our PJs way too long. We sorta worked on housework and laundry but not very enthusiastically. Since Mom had been gone all week, it was really just a day off to get back to normal. Saturday was pretty lazy, too...I did a little sewing both Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday afternoon, to get some last minute orders finished up. I usually end up spending a good amount of time in the kitchen on Saturdays...helps pass the time and I always have something that I want to do ahead of time in there. Jacob was able to get here a little earlier than usual (around 3pm) and we went on a walk and then cooked pizzas together. Later that evening, after we ate, we looked at some old pictures together.

Sunday was just a regular Sunday for, lunch, laying around all day, pretty much! I did make a purse that I was running behind on making. I knit a baby sweater over the past couple of weeks, one that a lady at church had ordered, and I took it to her Sunday morning. It's a really nice little sweater, but I forgot to take pictures of it. :( It's a size 18 months little girl's sweater, in aplaca yarn. Super soft and lovely, if you ask me! :) I like knitting baby stuff.

So, today is Monday (gee, I'm smart.) We're about to go into town for a little while to run some errands. We're making a run to the thrift store (dropping some stuff off and I'm going to look for something fancy to wear to our fancy Christmas dinner shindig in FL,) stopping at Walmart, and a few other errands. Then we're going to be cleaning the house (have to have a clean house before a trip, you know) and we'll be cooking for Dad and Dave to come home this evening. Last I heard, Jacob will be coming this evening as well...we'll be far apart for three....THREE dadgumit....weeks, so he's coming to see me one more time before we leave Wednesday. We've seen each other at least once a week (twice if we're lucky) for the past 3 months now. I don't think I'd like a long-distance courtship very well! We're going to have a sad goodbye tonight. :( Thank GOD for cell phones and texting!!!!

Tomorrow we'll be running around like crazy, I'm sure. There's all the cleaning and laundry that surely won't be done today, and we'd like to have everything packed so we can leave early Wednesday. Early, like before lunchtime. ;)

Alrighty...time to go to town! I'll talk to y'all when I can, and try to update from GA or FL sometime! I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures!

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