Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding Pics!!!

So, I've finally gotten some of my pictures online so I can post them now! I'm going to try (haha) to keep the writing to a minimum...we'll see how well that works!

Reception Decorations...I covered cans with scrapbook paper that went with my colors (turquoise and coral) and alternated those with plain ol' mason jars, decorated with coordinating ribbon. These all were filled with water and bright, cheery flowers and set on all the tables at the reception. My main thing was trying to make it look nice without spending tons of money and I think it turned out pretty well. I saved cans to decorate (from cooking a few months prior to the wedding,) so no additional costs there. We already had lots of pint jars, so all I had to buy was scrapbook paper and ribbon. The flowers came from Walmart. I decided that fancy flowers were just not worth the extra money and I really liked these that Walmart had. You should have seen Mom and me the morning of our wedding...we checked out at Walmart with armloads of the flowers!

I made my cake and took it to the church the day before the wedding, and then assembled everything there the morning of the wedding. 

When I ordered my bouquet, I got a few extra roses for decoration...

The board the cake is sitting on is a piece of 3/4 inch plywood that I had left from a table my dad had built me, so I got him to cut it in a circle a little bigger than my bottom tier and I glued a piece of the matching ribbon to cover the edge. The coral decoration is all piped buttercream and the turquoise is just plain ribbon...had to be removed as we cut it. 

I have a million pictures of prepping, but I only have certain ones uploaded right now and I figured it would be better to post what I did have instead of waiting for a lot more to upload. Maybe I'll get to that soon!

Here I am...all made up, decked out, and ready to go. A few other financial specs...I bought my dress and veil online, from a private seller. It was $200 and I had it altered. I spent a total of $300 on the dress itself. I bought a crinoline slip off Ebay for $20. I knew I wanted a bit of turquoise (my take on my something blue!) in my necklace so I kept my eyes open whenever I was out and about. I bought my necklace at some store in a mall...can't remember exactly which was $5. Couldn't find any earrings to match until the week before the wedding...found them at Goodwill for $2, if I remember right. My shoes also came from Goodwill...white flat sandals, new condition...$2. I was on a tight budget and I wanted everything to look nice, so I tried to keep an open mind...not get too picky...and everything came out wonderfully!

One of Jacob's cousins did my hair and makeup.

Dad's first look...
And then it was time...
I don't have any more of the ceremony right now...just the formal shots afterwards. It'll do for now. Let's see...for the music before the ceremony, I spent a week or so listening to LOTS of wedding music on Amazon and finally decided on a few songs. I made a CD of my selected songs, including a bridal march that I fell in love with, and made a detailed list of the songs, times, when to play what, etc. Jacob's cousin's husband handled the sound booth for us, for which we are so very grateful! This wedding was definitely pulled off by several key people and we couldn't have had such a wonderful, glitch-free day without everyone's help! 

So, to get on with formal shots. There are a lot!

There are lots of kissy pics. It got old shooting all those. Not.

My favorite pictures were taken outside. We had beautiful weather right up until it was time for us to leave...storm clouds started rolling in when we rolled out. But the weather was gorgeous for pictures!

One of my absolute favorites...

LOVE this one too...

We were laughing here because the photographer said " can stop kissing now..." Naaah that's alright....

There was a road right behind the church and it was pretty out-of-the-way, so we decided it would look good to get pictures in the middle of the road. It worked for a little while, and we got some really nice shots...

Oh, remember how I said taking pictures in the road worked for a little while? Well, a police car drove by, so we had to get out of the was really funny.

Then we went back in the church to finish up formal posed shots before heading to the reception...

Is it me or does he look scared?!?

I know this one's goofy, but I love it. It's our "we're tired of pictures and our faces hurt from smiling...can we go eat now?" look...

That's all the pictures for now. I have a lot more of the getting ready, the reception, and just fun random pictures, but they're not online yet. The internet I'm on is a little slow right now, but maybe I can get more uploaded soon! This is better than nothing though, right?


  1. Great decorating. Simple is best =) Loved the dress. Modest, but pretty too. Smiling so much does get boring, doesn't it? Great to see these pics, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Oh...those were *really* good pics... you two look just right together. I know many a single girl (perhaps one in particular) who's day hasn't come yet who'd be just a bit jealous. lol.

  3. I can't believe I missed these!!! Just got your last post in my inbox....went on your blog and saw you wrote two post just a few weeks ago.

    Anyway....I LOVE your pictures. Outside pictures are always best but the church looks nice so the pictures inside look good too.

    You did an amazing job with that cake! Beautiful. And you were a beautiful bride!