Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well, there's not much to update on right now, but I didn't want y'all to be freaking out because you haven't heard from me in a while! I'm 37 weeks along now, so we're just waiting for the baby to come now! It's getting more and more exciting, and we absolutely can't wait to meet our little one!

I'm still doing good...just getting bigger and bigger. I get tired a lot and I don't sleep well at night and I can't even roll out of bed without a lot of hoisting and maneuvering, but I guess I'll manage a few more weeks! My midwives came last week and everything looks great....baby's head down already. They'll come back again next week, since I'm getting closer....

I wasn't really planning on having a baby room, but as I started getting baby stuff, I needed a place to put it, and now I'm excited about our baby room! We had a spare bedroom, but it was pretty full...it was sort of a catch-all room for stuff that didn't have anywhere else to go! Jacob and I bought a new bed a few months after we got married (the best thing we ever did...besides actually getting married, anyway!) so our old bed went into the spare room, where all sorts of things got piled on and around it. I found a place for most of the stuff in the room (meaning I boxed it up and put it in our building outside...lol) and Jacob's brother took the bed so all I had left in there was a bookshelf and a small dresser. I cleaned out some of the dresser (my old, skinnier clothes that I soooo can't wear anymore) and put some baby stuff in there. One of Jacob's cousins brought over a crib and changing table for us to use, my granny got us a car seat and stroller, and I've gotten a few smaller things that have all gone in there now. My sweet husband has been trying to buy me more stuff to decorate the room with (matching crib set, etc) but not knowing whether there's a boy or girl tucked away in here creates a bit of a problem! We just can't find a lot of neutral stuff, so we'll be waiting on some of that. The baby won't notice for a while anyway! ;)

The room right now is baby blue, just what we randomly picked before we got married. I wonder if there's something to that? Anyway, Jacob told me if we have a girl, he'll repaint it for me. I'm telling ya....he's sweet!

I do plan to use cloth diapers and several people have given me diapers and covers and nifty things like that, and my mom is going to see what she has left from my two younger brothers, as far as diapers go. My mother-in-law pulled out enough newborn boy and girl clothes to get us by for a little while, as they'll be giving me a baby shower a couple weeks after baby gets here. We decided that would be preferable to having a shower beforehand...otherwise we'd have LOTS of greens and yellows!

I'll see about getting pictures of our house sometime...it hasn't changed that much since we moved in...just gotten messy at times. Right now there's laundry hanging everywhere because our dryer quit yesterday, in the middle of laundry....so you're not getting pictures today!!! I have a lot of fun keeping my own house, although right now I can't even sweep (we have wood or linoleum floors in our whole house) without getting winded. Good grief!

I guess that's it for now. I need to get home and start some bread, I think. I want to make some cinnamon rolls....mmmm.


  1. We are due very close to when you are. We too are waiting to be surprised at babies gender. :) Being #10 though we have stuff for both anyway, although I have still picked up things at thrift stores here and there.
    I love cloth diapering and Lord willing will be doing that again soon after little ones arrival. I am thankful for a few packages of disposables to use at first.
    Sorry to hear that your dryer recently died. I can't wait to hear that your baby has arrived. I wish we lived closer so I could share baby things with you. Looking forward to a post announcing his or her birth!!!

  2. I have a friend that used cloth diapers on her babies because she had such a time with diaper rash; no more disposable diapers...no more rash! :) I think you're having a blast and that's the way it should be, shouldn't it? lol.

  3. Keep checking in to see if there is any new baby news? Can't wait to hear!!