Thursday, March 28, 2013

31 weeks!

I'm still here...hard to believe, isn't it? :)

So, I'm 31 weeks along now, and I'm round. Like, very round. I've gained about 25 pounds or so, I think. (I don't have a scale so I only weigh whenever we go down to Mom's, every couple weeks.) Baby Ellis loves to kick (so my granny says it's a girl) and I've pretty much only gained in my stomach area (so my granny says it's a boy.) Fact is, we're having a baby...haha!

About the In the last couple of weeks, he/she started kicking higher up in my ribs, mostly when I am NOT expecting it, and it's pretty uncomfortable. One day we were having a casual conversation over supper and all of the sudden, in the middle of my sentence, I hollered "Ow!!!" Jacob said "what is it??!" There's a foot in my ribs...that's what! It's really incredible though, you can definitely see and feel baby parts in there...a little bump here, or a big bump there. If I lay on one side for a while, you can feel the baby's head (a big round bump) on one side of my stomach and it's pretty obvious that's what it is. When he/she (I don't like saying "it") kicks, you can feel a little heel sticking out...or maybe that's an elbow sometimes. A few nights ago, we were laying in bed talking and the baby had the hiccups. That was really cute....

I have an appointment with my midwives next week, then they'll come at the end of April, and every two weeks after that. At my last check-up, about a month ago, everything looked great and I was measuring right on target.

Physically, I'm still doing good. And round. I am swelling up a little sometimes (especially in my stomach! lol) but it hasn't been too bad. I've had a harder time sleeping lately, which has been hard on me, just because I NEVER have a hard time sleeping. I do have to get up a few times every night, and I think that wakes the baby up! Every time I lay back down, the baby goes crazy in there, moving all around. When I lay right up next to Jacob, he can feel it moving too.

Other than the whole pregnancy thing, not much is new around here. I'm still cooking, cleaning house, all those things I usually do, and Jacob is still working every day. Tonight we're going down to Mom's for a birthday party for the both of us (mom and me) and tomorrow Jacob is taking me to Bowling Green on an all-day date for my birthday. He gets Good Friday off, and my birthday falls on Good Friday this year. How lucky am I?!

I really, really need to get a picture, don't I? I'll see about working on that. But I think I said that last time...


  1. Pictures! We want pictures!

    I am glad to hear you are doing fine. Just a few days ago I was thinking of you. I can't wait to see what it'll be but I am guessing it's a girl. ☺


  2. Was in bed this morning thinking about you! Good to hear that things are progressing well! =)
    Loved hearing about the baby, takes me back =) You enjoy the hiccups, eh? I found them rather annoying when they just went on and on and on =)
    Would really, really, really love to see pics!
    And hope you got my letter, I did send you one, right?